Friday - Part II

Part deux. The second verse is quicker than the first.

So, we went back to the deceased place after the cremation. Edgy times. Cos by now, everyone's mood is a bit more upbeat and we're back to our joking fooling around selfs. And it aint that good to be seen rumbling with laughter, near the vicinity of a recent death.

We got the money together. See, this is something that you should do. Many people just attend funerals and fuck off. Nyet. You should donate at least a bit of finance to the family. Out of courtesy, in recognition of the income source that is lost now. Ok la, not too bad, under 10 of us and we amassed a sizeable amount. Into the envelope and off to pass it to his mum. Done. Let's go eat.

So we ate at this place in AMK with very good chicken rice. Even before walking to that coffeeshop we was thinking twice and thrice if we should, spend even a bit of time there. Not known to be friendly to outsiders, certain portions of AMK, even though we are all residents of the same new town. Also, i live in block 400+ which is under Teck Ghee GRC, lo and behold jus cross 2 roads to blocks 200+ and its Yio Chu Kang SMC liao. KNNBCCB.

Chicken rice was fantastic. And the jokes. And the fun. Till some KLK walked by. A friend of mine rose to greet him and engage in a litte bit of chit chat. Another one also rose, minutes later. Now, this second one, I also don't like him much. One of those tactless bastards who goes berzerk when drunk and can singlehandedly get you banned from all the indian joints in Singapore in under a coupla hours. Explains why I always give club nights out a miss. Cos, when you start I'm obligated to join in. And I don't wish to. My blood is much more valuable than for this mofo.

So, the first guy sits down and the second guy is talking to that KLK who is like some middle aged man, lookin spiffy and all. Sekali we hear commotion. The KLK is just about telling him to get his act straight and his language in order if not he's a gonna go rough and rumble on his ass. Haiz. Already we're in a not good part of AMK, now like this. Flashpoint. What to do. Lucky we got another logical thinker at the table who went and split them both and pulled the klown back to the table. Mood all gone. No more jokes. Jus waiting to leave. Fuckin air was so thick with nervousness that it stank.

And then the boys wanted to go shoot some pool at central. So I said, ciao ciao. I is go snooze for a half hour and wait for my Malay guys to call me.

Then, my best buddy comes up to me and goes "I not say want to aim you or anything..but i notice you become a wildchild after you drink. When you're loaded up, your mouth is fuckin bad. Already normally you are damn sarcastic. After you drink, the way you talk will make a peaceful man also grab a knife to kill you."
I went "Hmmm..interesting. My mum told me the same thing this morning. I'll keep it in mind."
He continued "Yeah..you know that if there is a conflict between you and any of these boys I'd never let anything happen to you right. Just a friendly piece of advice if you can call it that"
I went "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. ok la knn say so much for what?. Nex time I drink I wont talk ok? I buy needle and thread and give you sew".

Stay tuned for Part Trois.

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