After the whole kungumam post, I has relived my love for SuperStar. He the man. No matter what his idiosyncracies are. Check this one out, love the movie, cry for the Chinna Thai Aval song and the one scene in the entire flick that totally 'floors' me. You don't gotta watch the song though, I can't stand the kimono garb too.

This is the perk-me-up every time, I hear it. Fucked up mood to good mood. *PooF*

The original M'sian rockers. They set the stage. The rest followed. Now they've all perished. God knows why. A song we used to repeat on the stereo ALL the time during JC.

Crazy ass song. Supposedly motivational. Don't know why Arul likes it so much also.

When all else fails, call the king. This is stuff that dreams are made of.



-m said...

Superstaru yaarunu kaetta?

ah_neh said...

chinna pillaiyum sollum!

-m said...

No one can beat Baasha. Not even Saravanah from Chandramukhi. Any problem here, Saravanah will appear.

ah_neh said...

Can. Thalapathi beats Baasha hands down. Forever ever and ever ever

-m said...

Oh yeah that's for sure. Forgot about Thalapathi. He's da bomb.