Friday - Part III

First thing I did when I got home was boot up, and pay my damn Starhub bill online. Do coupla transfers and my Progress was all gone. Left 9 dollars. Starhub+Insurance = $791 poorer. So, there it went. My progress package, packaged and sealed and delivered to the coffers of Starhub and Aviva. And please ah, don't exclaim that I should keep my phone bills down. This is 3 months worth of bills, both phone and insurance. I need insurance. Life is too dangerous already. Any time also can die for any reason also.

Then, the smsing started. First a polite info call to those that have tried to get me but couldn't. That I'm back online mudderfuckers. Supa fly. Then due to the new found sms capabilities, and I go through like 5000 a month. No joke. I decided to harass a woman. Harass that cherry lips that don't lie. She was sufficiently harassed. Kept me company on the way to Boat Quay too. Yey.

Anyhow, I reached Boat Quay. If you wanna do the whole, boat quay is full of youngsters how can you go there, la la la, blah blah blah, go get a life. The waterfront clubs of course are still young uns hangouts. This has been the case since I was young. Damn I've seen Kilmanjaro morph into Zappas change into Hendrix and is now Queens. That's how long we've played these streets. Anyhow, if you walk on down past the new 7-11 to the start of circular road, there's a coffeeshop there and that's where I'll be.

We'll be actually. Me and my adik bradeks. The group I dare to drink with. The group I feel totally safe and secure with. The group full of 30+ year old Malay dudes, each with 1-2 children, most divorcees. So, it's me, them and their gfrens of the season, whoever the nice girls might be. And we don't even sit at the coffeeshop per se. We sit across the road from it. At the tables that belong to an Indian Muslim stall by day. We are the only ones who get served by the drinks guys and the food ppl, across the road. No one else has this privilege. Namely, cos the boss of one of the massage parlours in the area sits with us. He is "known". Nuff said. So, we are mini royalty.

Every day before we depart to a club, we drink there first. The only thing on the table? Stout and Red Bull. The red bull is just to make the stout less bitter and doesnt add to any other alcohol satisfaction. I am now a stout addict. I can't even drink Tiger or Carlsberg or any other "white" beer without it seeming like plain waterish. Usually, we drink till 12 or so and then by that time whoever has to arrives, arrives and we decide where to go and we go. Total group that moves out of there could be from anything from 15-35 depending on the significance of the night.

This time however, we is sit there till 3. KNN. 11 to 3. Stout freeflow. The bottles just kept arriving. I heart pain already. Waiting and waiting for a key man to arrive. KNN. So, I smsed my other buddies. And lo and behold, from playin pool in AMK they was magically transported ot BlackJack. Interesting. Of all the goddamn places to go. Summore the previous week only I heard them exclaim : What a rut of a joint. We're definitely not coming back here.

So, I told my malay fellas I'll brb. And I hopped onto a Comfort to Shenton Way. KNNBCCB! I walk into the place just to hear them say they're leaving. WTF right. Some brainy bastard then says lets go to Paramount. Paramount as you know is the enclave for all things seedy. If you want a real life lap dance in Singapore. Go get it at Paramount. The chicks are much much wild and Filipina of origin. Though, if you like classier Filipinas, I have many places in Duxton Hill to recommend.

My favourite stunt at Duxton and Tanjong Pagar? Say I study only Primary 4, father is a millionaire, and I while my time away while playin in a band. The band bit always hooks them. It is a KTV kinda place with rock songs all the time anyhow.

Ok, digressed enough. We go to Paramount cos of that smart fucks idea and the entire joint is closed! Zilch. Nada. Not even ghosts roaming that alley. KNN. Everyone mood out. My best buddy is going bonkers. Thanks for wasting our time was my response to one and all. I then Comforted my way back to boat quay.

Stay tuned for the rampage that follows.

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