Yesterday for the first time, I picked up a copy of Kungumam. The 2nd highest selling weekly magazine from India [it's top in Tamil Nadu btw], leaving Anantha Vikadan and Kumutham to not even have time to smell their farts when they zoomed off with a fantastic catchy campaign on national TV. Sun TV that is. That's the only channel we get here.

If you is Indian, have middle aged parents and have channel 29 on the active. You'd know. Firstu kanna Firstu! and Bestu kanna Bestu!. The two lines that made the campaign. Solid. How could anyone forget these easy lines. Which is why I reached for it at the Tekka bookstand instead of the other appealing in a voyeur kinda way Kerala soft porn mag. These mallus these days.

But for all the fanfare, it essentially just focusses on a little politics, a little short stories, and a LOT of film star news.

What I've learnt:

1. Chitiram Pesuthadi is gettin rave reviews within the lower ranks of society with director/actor/actress and even sideline character [see pic below] getting congratulated left right center when they trawl the streets. Malavika also had actually refused to dance for the song, but agreed after the director told her to at least have a listen to the song. Vid of the song available here.

2. Rajinikanth has told the general public "Vote for who you want la KNNBCCBs, I really couldnt care less"

3. Rajini is gonna be a grandfather. Apparently Thanush has working sperm and his wife is 2 months pregnant.

4. Entire Indian Actor's Association ex-co is in politics and gearing up for the elections. So Napoleon is fucking up Sarath Kumar who's fucking up Vijayakanth who's fucking up Karthik and so on and so forth.

5. Trisha claims if she didnt become an actress she would have represented India in tennis and be a trailblazer.

6. The cave that Rajini went to meditate at last year for Sri Baba, has mysteriously vanished in the winter snow. Duh!??!?!?!??! Now it can't be found and the urban myth is that, the cave was put there only for Rajini, a pious Baba devotee, to find, and only him.

7. By the election updates, beautiful bar graphs all drawn, Thi Mu Ka seems to be reigning supreme still in preliminary countings.

Apart from this treasure trove of knowledge, you can also see many BABES:

Ok, I lied. Here they are. Imagine a 160 pager magazine and I find just 2 beauties. Sadness.So, anyhow, get yourself a copy. If you're not used to english words spelt per se in tamil you're gonna have a horrid time. But at least the mag's only $1.70 and after you're done with your laughs, pass it on to your mum.


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